We are known as a resolute people, a renowned dynasty of diverse strengths with mastery over numerous essentials of human endeavour. We never have for once in many centuries been known as a people that took less than what was due to us, neither have we known as leaders, people who have taken from us more than that which they have given us. Bauchi is reputed to be a historic economy that has flourished in its agrarian, pastoral and mineral resource endowments, all championed by the ingenuity of our remarkable human resource base.

However, this being our identity, our pride and the symbolic heritage through which numerous people of substance have emerged, even producing one of Nigeria’s finest leaders in Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa; our state has been in quite a long slumber of late. We have over the last 3 decades struggled to maintain that prime heritage that was bequeathed to us.
Sadly, so much erosion of our identity has caused the generality of our people, especially the youthful generation great shame, making them wonder what keeps us proud of our dear state, because they see a state of infrastructural absence, leadership in absentia, indifference over their future and absolute lethargy over execution of a responsibility for which an oath has been sworn.
This is not the Bauchi that was bequeathed to us by the like of Alh. Abubakar Tatari Ali and Alh. Adamu Ajiyan Bauchi, both of blessed memory, neither is it the Bauchi that we can proudly bequeath to the next generation of leaders. Generally, these are times of agony and despair across Nigeria, with compatriots moaning over the weakness of our internal security systems, the poor management style of our economy, unimpressive fiscal discipline, drop in the general welfare of the people and, especially, the growing impunity of the ruling class. Since the return to Civilian rule in 1999, and the resulting rise in oil prices, especially between 2003-2007 and 2009-2014, very little, can be seen the incommensurate value to the amounts of money that have accrued to the state and the amount of time that has passed.

It is sad that the nation took mono-cultural economy as one that could be sustainable, depending on oil as the country’s major revenue source and neglecting its use to harness abundant viable streams of revenue for the country. This has brought to the fore, the large degree of myopia of many of those who have held positions of power.

Decidedly, therefore, and in the absolute need to do the right things, Ours will be a journey whose genuine custodians are the people of Bauchi state, defined by the aspirations of our people, stimulated by the need to restore our pride and reconnect with our noble heritage. Ours will be a journey to clear our state’s reckless slump into perpetual indebtedness in order for the future to have a meaning for our youthful generation. Ours will be a journey that is pained to make you promises that have been made in the past by people who only made them secure access to our commonwealth; promises of fixing the lingering menace of poor water supply, irrigation facilities and cooperative microenterprise development.

Ours will be a journey that will undertake a holistic review of our position in the comity of states within Nigeria and restore inherent alliances of trade and other collaborative needs. Ours will be a journey that will unshackle the focus of government from the days of waiting for Transfer Payments, while deliberately stimulating a strategic focus on enabling economic activities to thrive and flourish. Ours will be a journey that is interested in ridding Bauchi state of the horror of seeing our youths turned into thugs unleashing terror on people of the state in order to fill empty bellies or in doing the bidding of particular individuals. We will cruise on a journey that will address the failings of the past 16 years, one through which we will reconnect with the glories of our past and dynamically pursue a rosy future of which we will all be proud and on which the next generation of leaders can build.